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GeoMod2010's Scientific Committee is now complete

Just after GeoMod2010, Lisbon will host the II Central and North Atlantic Conjugate  Margins Conference (29.09 to 01.10.2010). This will be an excellent opportunity to attend both meetings and to meet other people interested in the evolution of an ocean basin and its margins.


Scientific Committee
GeoMod2010's Scientific Committee

1.         Rock rheology (E. Rutter, B. Evans, L. Burlini "deceased the 22.12.2009") and deformation of the lithosphere (G. Ranalli, Y. Podladchikov, E. Burov)

2.         Mantle dynamics, subduction zones and exhumation (P. Tackley, T. Gerya, B. Kaus, C. Faccenna, J.-P. Brun)

3.         Mountain Building and Thrust Systems (JP Burg, O. Oncken)

4.         Lithospheric Extension (E. Burov, R. Huismans)

5.         Large Scale Tectonics, Surface Processes (S. Willet), and Basins and Sedimentary Budget (L. Ruepke, S. Cloetingh)

6.         Small scale structures (N. Mandal, D. Schmid, S. Schmalholz)

7.         The role of fluids in rock deformation (P. Cobbold, J. Cosgrove, R. Mourgues)

8.         Strain localisation, failure and fracturing in porous materials (A. Chemenda and S. Abe)

9.         Applications of modelling to natural hazards (H. Hebert), and to hydrocarbon and mineral exploration (F. Roure)

10.      Methods, techniques, materials and benchmarking (S. Buiter, G. Schreurs)