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GeoMod2010's Scientific Committee is now complete

Just after GeoMod2010, Lisbon will host the II Central and North Atlantic Conjugate  Margins Conference (29.09 to 01.10.2010). This will be an excellent opportunity to attend both meetings and to meet other people interested in the evolution of an ocean basin and its margins.

Invited Speakers

– Peter Cobbold (University Rennes)
Modelling in the past, present and future

– Boris Kaus (ETH-Zürich)
Recent advances in computational geodynamics

– Ray Fletcher (PGP-Oslo)
Analytical Modelling

– Brian Evans(MIT)
Rock Rheology

– Yuri Podladchikov (PGP-Oslo)
Lithosphere behaviour

– Tony Watts (University Oxford)
Oceanic lithosphere and continental margins

– Taras Gerya (ETH-Zürich)
Subduction and plate tectonics

– Stefan Schmalholz (University Lausanne)
Continental lithosphere and orogeny

–Shijie Zhong (University Colorado)
Mantle Dynamics

– Evgueni Burov (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)
From rifts to Thrust Systems

– Ritske Huismans (University Bergen)
Lithosphere extension and Sedimentary Basins

– Frederic Herman (ETH-Zürich)
Surface Processes and Large Scale Tectonics

– Marcin Dabrowski (PGP-Oslo)
Small scale structures

– Helene Hebert (CEA, Paris)
Natural Hazards

– Regis Mourgues (University Le Mans)
Fluids and rock deformation

– William Sassi (IFP, Paris)
Hydrocarbon and Mineral Exploration

– Susan Buiter (Geological Survey of Norway)
Methods, techniques, materials and benchmarking

– Teng-fong Wong (Stony Brook, New York)
Deformation and failure mode of porous rock

– Karen Mair (PGP-Oslo)
Brittle failure

– Markus Albertz (ExxonMobil)
Salt tectonics
– Todd Ehlers (University Tuebingen)
Exhumation using low-temperature geochronology


Mid-afternoon sessions – Outstanding PhD students

  1. Ksenya Nikolaeva on Subduction Initiation
  2. …  suggested by PhD supervisors