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Just after GeoMod2010, Lisbon will host the II Central and North Atlantic Conjugate  Margins Conference (29.09 to 01.10.2010). This will be an excellent opportunity to attend both meetings and to meet other people interested in the evolution of an ocean basin and its margins.



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Welcome to GeoMod 2010
Modelling in Geosciences

The investigation of geological processes requires a multiscale and multidisciplinary approach, combining observation, data analysis, interpretation, modelling and theory. In this context, modelling in Geosciences (analogue and numerical) has become a strategic tool to understand the Physics of geological processes, and to improve our understanding of the 4D evolution of geological structures.

GeoMod is a biennial international conference dedicated to modelling in Geosciences. It started in 2002 in Milan (RealMod2002), then moved to Lucerne (GeoMod2004) and Florence (GeoMod2008), and the next meeting will take place in 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal. The main objectives are to present the latest results of analogue, analytical and numerical modelling of the main geological processes currently under investigation, and to set new problems and discuss perspectives and strategic prospective. GeoMod will also pay attention to benchmarking within the same method, and among the different methods used in modelling in Geosciences.

GeoMod2010 expects to bring together researchers from Academia and Industry who deal with analogue and/or numerical modelling. Particularly welcome are contributions entailing a strong interaction between geological/geophysical data and modelling results.



GeoMod 2010 - Modelling in Geosciences
Faculty of Sciences | University of Lisbon
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